Band Members:

Chris Vandahl as Steven Tyler

Chris has performed all over the USA with Legends in Concert to many SOLD OUT shows playing the part of Steven Tyler! Chris is truly a professional, previously singing for Cherry Street, Boneyard, and also LA Guns on their "American Hardcore" CD. Not to mention working with Kenny Olsen of Kid Rock. And guess what, he looks so much like Steven Tyler, you would think he was Steven's son! 

Frankie Wilsey as Joe Perry

Frankie is an amazing player, he really has the rock & blues in his soul needed to play the part of Joe Perry. Frankie looks so much like Joe Perry, he was mistaken for being Joe Perry by George Lopez at LAX airport. George asked Frankie to come on his show, thinking he was Joe Perry! Frankie is a former member of Head On, The Sea Hags, and RATT frontman, Steven Pearcy's band Arcade. The Sea Hags were signed to Chrysalis Records. Frankie has many years studio and touring experience and is also currently doing session work along with touring with Aeromyth.

Neal Shelton as Brad Whitford

Neal has been performing on stages nationwide since a teenager. Neal has played guitar in many successful bands including Painkiller, "Judas Priest Tribute," Pyromania, "Def Leppard Tribute" and his original band, Black Triangle. Neal's original song, "NO WAY OUT" from the Black Triangle CD was used on NBC's "THE PRETENDER" on the 1999 season finale episode.  Neal appeared on AXS TV's "The Worlds Greatest Tribute Bands" performing in Pyromania in Sept, 2014. You can see Neal on an upcoming STORAGE WARS episode entitled The Emperor of El Monte on Nov 25th, 2014 the A&E channel. Neal will perform his original song, Socially Unacceptable and evaluate 2 guitars for  Jarrod and Brandi!

Neal is currently endorsed by Dean guitars.

Tony Cavaso as Tom Hamilton

Tony formed Snow w brother Carlos Cavazo of Quiet Riot & Ratt. He performed on the LA scene from 1976 to 1981 recorded 1 EP. 1981 joined Dangerface and recorded 1 EP. 1983 co-wrote Metal Health and recorded on the album for Quiet Riot performed w Kevin Dubrow in his band Dubrow. 1984 formed Hurricane with Robert Sarzo, recorded 3 albums and toured extensively. Hurricane disbanded in 1991 and he moved to Memphis TN and studied classical guitar and performed w local talent. He returned to So Cal in 2002 and performed in many acts including Sacred Cowboys and Barnyard Cocks. And recorded albums w each. Tony Currently plays w several bands in the SoCal area including New versions of Snow and Hurricane as well as AEROMYTH!

Bob Duda as Joey Kramer

Bob started playing drums literally on pots and pans at age 4 but soon out-grew the kitchen floor and onto my first real kit at age 7. Most of his time was spent practicing by putting records on the stereo in his room and playing along. It drove my family crazy! (Laughing.)  Bob spent the late 80s in a variety of bands performing throughout the Hollywood club circuit and recording demos.  In 1992 Bob joined forces with the band Takara which featured Jeff Scott Soto as guest vocalist & producer. For the next 6 years the band recorded 3 CDs for worldwide release and received critical acclaim all around. Bob appeared on AXS TV's "The Worlds Greatest Tribute Bands" performing in Pyromania in Sept, 2014.
Being a tribute scene veteran, Bob has lent his drum talent paying tribute to Bon Jovi & Journey and Def Leppard where to date has performed over 250 shows worldwide. Im having the time of my life!

Bob is endorsed by Soultone Cymbals.